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Worship Leader Life Podcast Episode # 3

On this episode we celebrate the music of some of our initial guests. Songs from Jon Buller, Luke Vandevert (The Arctic) and Andy Park.

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Stephen Toon: (00:00)

(FADE IN)...support on the journey. If you are looking to be discipled and...if you like the sound of my chair creaking, (laughs) if you're looking to be discipled and you like the sound of my chair creaking, please come on over to worshipleaderlife.com.

Narrated: (00:21)

[Welcome] Hi, welcome to Worship Leader Life podcast. I'm your host Stephen Toon and we're here to disciple worship leaders.

Stephen: (00:33)

Hello. Hello. Hello. It's been a couple of weeks and that is not what I wanted as far as getting this podcast out there to you. Thank you so much to everybody who's been listening. I appreciate the amazing support and feedback and I really look forward to seeing some of you, if not all of you over at worshipleaderlife.com The last two weeks, what's been taking up all my time is worshipleaderlife.com and to be more specific, hub.worshipleaderlife.com where our membership is, we've got some fresh members in there and we are opening the doors to everybody who is going to benefit from our classes and one-on-one coaching via our private forum and also our members [group] forum where you can get to know each other and, yeah, it's, it's really exciting. We had a few, a few online glitches just with, with our server…switching servers and getting our membership stuff up and running. But it appears that everything is working now and so I'm really excited about that. In an effort to, to stay connected with you all, I thought I'd better get on here and put something special out for you today. If you are listening to this and you like to get transcripts of the podcast you're listening to, that is also available on the website. Just go to worshipleaderlife.com and go to the podcasts and you will find transcripts of all of our episodes there. I'm still working on finishing the last one. , but that's going to be up pretty soon. I might just throw it up as is. I don't know if you've ever used transcription software, but you can pay the big bucks and get a real live person to do it. But why do that when it's fun to let a robot or a computer, an algorithm do it for you? And then you get to see all the funny little spelling mistakes and s and UHs and whatever. So, if anybody out there enjoys listening and wants to listen early and wants to go over some of these once in a while and just pick some of those spelling mistakes or whatever that the robot makes, let me know. I'd love to share the podcast early with you and have you help me out that way? But, , no, I'm, I'm, , happy that we're going to have those transcripts up. And this one's going to be short though, because not the, like the transcript because I'm actually almost done talking. I want to share with you some music. We've got a music from our first three guests, one of the guests you're going to hear from a very soon. I'm just finishing a, the final touches on, on his podcast, just getting the levels right and whatnot, mastering it so it sounds good to you...and the other two you've heard already or if you haven't heard, go back and listen. We've got Andy Park in episode one and episode two is Jon Buller two really, really, really amazing standup guys, amazing songwriters and absolute, you know, what's the word I'm looking for? Top notch hearts for Jesus. That sounds funny. But no, these guys are, are wonderful worship leaders and I just, I could listen to them for for days upon end and not just their music, but they're also just their thoughts on worship, their heart for worship and their heart for discipling and training up other worship leaders. So without further ado, this song, this first song from our first guest is a song that Andy and I did together a few years ago, maybe more than a few years ago. This is a song we wrote together. It was on my record Open Up and it is called, We Bow Down. Basically the story behind this song is, Andy was working on some writing. He found a song, I think he found a couple of songs that he'd been working on, but he hadn't quite finished them. And I was looking to do a co-write, so he sent me some, some of his ideas. And the first, the first idea I had didn't, didn't seem to resonate. And then I remember going back to the drawing board and kind of coming up with, with a chorus actually. And so I think Andy started with, I think he had the verse and maybe the bridge together and then our producer and Andy came up with some cool stuff in the bridge, like some echoing and so yeah, you're, it is, we bowed down from the album Open Up.

MUSIC: (05:57)

[MUSIC PLAYS: We Bow Down from Stephen Toon's album Open Up]

Stephen: (10:47)

Yeah. That was, We Bow Down and just listening again, I realize that the bridge, it wasn't an echo thing, it was like a, it was like a crossover thing where he was singing the one line and I was singing another, another thing and we, we decided that they both worked and we would, you know, fade one out while the other one fades in. And, , I just, yeah, it's a real little thing, but I, I liked it. I thought it was cool. But okay. Next up. I have a song here from the Arctic, which is Luke Vandevert. Awesome dude who lives in Chilliwack, where I'm from actually. And he's not from there. He's from Alaska and then he was in Powell River for a long time and he's been in the Fraser Valley for, for years now on. And a wonderful man, a wonderful man and a wonderful worshiper...worshiper and worship leader. Here's the Arctic. Luke, your voice reminds me of some of the bands I used to listen to in college. And I'm trying to think, it might be like a combination of The Choir, The 77s, , Daniel Amos, Adam again, like some of those guys, they all, they all joined together and had The Lost Dogs and anyways, I love it. So maybe it's the, maybe it's the American ya , but you sound very West Coast. I love it. And this is from his EP called Reverberate. And what I'm giving you is the track, the first track called Intro into the first full track called Searchlights. Check it out the Arctic. 

MUSIC: (12:47)

[MUSIC PLAYS: Intro and Searchlights from Reverberate by The Arctic]

Stephen (16:56)

Oh, nice. Monsieur Luke Vandevert. Ah-Van-de-VAIR (haha). I do not claim to have any handle on the French language or a French accent and I assume that's a Dutch name so I don't even know why I did that. But Luke you just make me happy. All right, I have another song for you and I have to decide which one, cause I like them all. Jon Buller, Mr Jon Buller from the Levite Summit. And Hear the Music. He just came off of a big weekend in Kelowna. I was there, loved it, had a great time at the Levite Summit, saw some old friends, heard some amazing preaching and teaching and we got to worship together, which was awesome. So thank you Jon for that. And if you are listening to this and you've never heard of the Levite Summit, you need to check it out. Levite Summit is a great event that is basically for worship leaders...I'm just typing it in here. Make sure I give you the right website. levitesummit.com . It's an event that's held in Kelowna up here in Canada and also in Red Deer, Alberta. Basically training worship leaders, discipling worshipers, worship leaders, musicians. There's a number of tracks you can kind of enter into over the weekend. There's training on tech, there's training on worship theology, there's training on the musical side of things, soul care, you know, pastoral care and discipleship. Wonderful, wonderful event. That's, that's the word of the day. Wonderful. So check it out. This is Jon Buller and the track is Make Us Alive and I actually could not decide between these two songs. I'm also going to play Sing His Song. These are both from Jon's album called Light Up the Sky. You can find all this music that we're playing today on all your favourite streaming platforms, iTunes, tidal, Spotify, you name it. Be sure to go to these guys' websites. , the Arctic, John Buller. What are your websites? I should have checked before I started recording. Let's see. Let's type that in... thearcticmusic.com. That's one of them. Just typed it in, I can verify that, thearcticmusic.com is going to take you to Luke's website and andypark.ca is going to take you to Andy's website and of course we are about to play Jon Buller. And so that is jonbuller.com and you'll find his stuff there. You can also find him at "Hear the Music Ministries and Levite Summit. So just type those in there and you'll find, find him. But jonbuller.com is a great place to start. Okay. Here it is. Jon Buller with album...blblblblblbl...songs from Light Up the Sky, first is Make Us Alive and then it is Sing His Song.

MUSIC: (20:15)

[MUSIC PLAYS: Make Us Alive and Sing His Song from Light Up the Sky by Jon Buller]

Stephen: (30:58)

Thank you Jon. Thank you Andy. Thank you Luke. There will be more music to come and we're going to have lots of guests and every time we have a guest I'm going to, if they're a songwriter, I'm going to ask them to share something with us. And if they're not as songwriter, I'm sure there's other things they can share with us. And Yeah, this is, this is great. Hey, if you're a worship leader and you're looking for some support on the journey, if you are looking to be discipled and if you like the sound of my chair...creaking, if you're looking to be discipled and you'd like the sound of my chair creaking, please come on over to worshipleaderlife.com and check it out. If you want to go directly to the [Membership Join] information page, it's hub, (that's H U B) hub.worshipleaderlife.com and now for a word from our sponsor, which also happens to be me because this is a brand new podcast. Ohhhhh it's very exciting. 

Narrated: (32:14)

This has been the worshipleaderlife.com podcast. You can find us at worshipleaderlife.com and we just released a new mini eBook called 4 Pillars of an Awesome Worship Leader. We'd love for you to check it out. That's at worshipleaderlife.com. I'm your host Stephen Toon. I'm an ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. I was a pastor for almost 20 years, and now I support local churches by discipling worship leaders and I look forward to serving you again. Our next podcast is going to be released in a week and I really hope you join us. Thanks. Bye Bye.


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