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Levite Summit

When I was a young pastor in Vancouver, I was privileged to encounter a very special family within our community, Tenth Avenue Church. The Johnson's were vibrant, unique, fun, and full of talent. Son Dave became a musical partner on a number of projects and gigs, and his dad Darrell would regularly blow our minds with his insightful and anointed preaching, often filling the pulpit for us when our Senior Pastor was away or needed a break.

A few years later I got to sit under the deep and thoughtful leadership of Jon Buller as he led worship through song at a pastor's conference that I attended.

No surprise to me, these two servants of our Lord have also found each other along the way, and I get to enjoy the fruits of their labour all in one greatly anticipated weekend. Would you consider joining a bunch of ragamuffins, blowhards, glory seekers and sojourners as we sit under the tutelage of Darrell Johnson and a host of other gifted and called teachers and leaders? Jon Bullerwho also happens to be our guest on this week's podcast – is our host at The Levite Summit. You don't want to miss this. See you there!!


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